Lock Coding & Rekeying Services

Locksmith Services

When you need dependable and affordable locksmith services, choose Lockdoctor Locksmith in Richmond Hill, New York. We provide sales, installation, services, and repairs for residential, commercial, and automotive needs.

Comprehensive Locksmith Services

• Access Control Systems
• Closed-Circuit Television
• General Locksmith Services
• Burglar Alarms
• Intercom Systems
• Lock Coding
• Rekeying Services
• Key Cutting
• Hardware Installation

Specialty Locksmith Services

At our company, our formally trained technicians are fast and reliable, and provide advanced and personalized services. We also duplicate transponder keys and keys for vehicles with vehicle anti-theft system and passive anti-theft systems.

Cutting Your Keys

These security devices prevent car theft by disarming an automobile when someone attempts to use an improper or non-transponder key. Let us cut your high security laser-cut and anti-theft device car keys. We carry a wide range of high-security, transponder, and rare exotic car keys, and we specialize in foreign and domestic vehicle locks, as well as vehicle security systems.

Lock Coding & Rekeying Services

In the event your keys are stolen, we strongly recommend that you let us recode your locks. This ensures that your old keys won’t be used to access your home, business, or vehicle. We code or recode new or existing locks to adapt a new lock for existing keys or to change an old lock to use new keys. Let us also cut a spare set of keys for you at the same time.

Making a Master Key

As an additional service, we install master key systems in buildings and offices. These systems permit multiple locks and combinations with one master key to access all locks.